Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When is enough, enough in a Relationship?

Many people I'm sure have battled with this, deciding when enough is enough  in their relationship. Different people have different capacities of how much they can take, some can take alot and some give up as soon as the road gets bumpy.  Having the same mistakes happen over and over again in a relationship can be maddening, it makes you feel as if your partner isn't trying,  and sometimes that is just it, they aren't trying.  I think there is so much that any one person can take, and if you feel like you are at your breaking point and you can't see anything changing, it's up to you, to make the decision if you want to leave or stay. I don't like the idea of telling anyone to end their relationship, but i will if i feel the need to, what i will say is, after you have tried everything possible to make it work and you see nothing happening, that would be a very difficult situation to cope with. But at the end of the day it's your life and only you can make the decision to leave or stay.

You've got to have a relationship with yourself and confidence in yourself to know when enough is enough. If you don't value yourself, who will? truth is nobody will get everything they want, it just doesn't happen, fairy tales don't exist, compromising does. You get enough to keep you happy, the scale should be unbalanced when it comes on to you being happy as opposed to being sad in your relationship. You have got to evaluate your life, ask yourself are you happy? are you satisfied? are there things in my life that could be better? communication and being open and honest with your partner does alot for a relationship. When you enter in a relationship you leave the i, me and mine at the door, everything becomes  us, we and ours, some people fail to do this, causing alot of problems in their relationships. They get caught up in self serving things, that affects their relationship in a negative way.

Nobody likes to be treated like they don't matter, or like they aren't important. Alot of things can make a relationship feel like a burden. Being controlling, name- calling, getting mad for everything without having a reason, making the same mistakes over and over again. You have got to ask yourself if your relationship is good or bad. Many times bad relationship can make you feel bitter, or you start to develop a I'm going to show you how it feels attitude and then your relationship get's even worse. Then you end up not wanting to be around your partner. I think when a person has had enough, what else is there to stay for,  you'll start asking yourself, how is being in this relationship benefiting me, I'm being beat down every day, I'm sad everyday, then ultimately their going to leave, there is so much that a human can take, we have a heart and feelings, we know when something is write for us, and when something is wrong, some people just choose to ignore those feelings, follow them, they usually aren't wrong.


  1. thanks
    that did help me at least put my thoughts in a little bit of order x

  2. Quite true! Sometimes it is important to take a step back and think about all the good and bad. If the bad can be fixed and if the good is really what makes you happy? Going through it right now.

  3. I want to take a step back but now I am feeling vulnerable.

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