Saturday, March 9, 2013

Don't Settle For good Enough Because You're Lonely

I feel like so many women do this, I understand that being alone is hard, but is it worth settling down with someone just to not be alone? Take some time out to ask yourself what will make you happy, if the things you have thought about do not correspond with the person you are with, then I think its time for you to move on. Life is too short to be spent with someone you aren't absolutely crazy about. Truth is everybody wants that one person who they would do anything for, that person who they can love unconditionally, without a second of thought as to why you love them so much.

A lot of people think they will never find that special someone, so what ends up happening is that they settle. People say nowadays marriages end so quickly because people don't try as hard to make relationships work. I think there are so many factors that contribute to this, One being women are more independent, in the past women solely relied on men to provide for their needs, so they would put up with anything just to make the relationship work. Women nowadays realize that they don't have to do that, they can provide for themselves just as good if not better than a man can.

Figure out what you want in a relationship and never settle for good enough, if it means being alone then so be it. Stand firm on the things  you just won't compromise on. Take some time out to take care of yourself, fall inlove with yourself, take bubble baths, walks in the park, walk down the street and smile, doesn't matter if people think you're crazy, smile because you love you and you enjoy your own company.

They say opposites attract which I think is true, if you have a bubbly personality or a  hyper personality, find someone who mellows you out and vice versa. If you have a fiery personality find someone who calms you down, nothing worst than a hurricane and a tornado, it will never work. As life takes you on these many journeys and love comes and goes, you will realize the only constant thing is you loving yourself.

Figure out how to be alone, so if you find someone and he isn't good to you, being alone won't be a problem. We often chase after what isn't good for us knowing it isn't good for us, only to come to the conclusion after we have been battered and bruised that this really wasn't good for me. Why we do the things we do will forever be a mystery to me. Why we ignore the things that are good for us and latch on to the things that are not can only be explained by you. We may say we don't know but if you dig into that deep place that causes us to make the decisions we do, there is always a reason, even if it's a dumb one. We just need to learn how to admit it to ourselves.

Say to yourself, I am a smart beautiful woman who deserves to be treated right, and will settle for no less, YOU know what you deserve and let no one tell you any different. Sometimes it's leaving, not staying, where your true strength lies. Let people think what they want of you, at the end of the day, you can look back and say I did what I felt was right, and nobody can take that peace away from you.

Tap into your strength and learn from your mistakes, the key to having a great life is to live each day, in each moment with a smile on your face and a smile in your heart. Find what and who makes you  happy and live in each passing joy. Let go of any anger you may have for anyone and free yourself.

Love yourselves endlessly.


  1. Nicely said Dani!! Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Absolutely correct. This is an amazing piece of literature. Greatly appreciate it.

  3. Good thoughts,

    I have some of myself I'd like to add.

    Most women settle once they learn that no relationship, or partner, is perfect. Some folks look on some couples and say "oh, they are perfect, always happy" when most of the time they are only putting on a show for us.

    Once no one is unhappy and both have good qualities, respects the other person, and attraction is there then you can work with it.

    If you keep thinking that better is out there for you, usually, you are the kind that gets married after 40 when you realize that no one is perfect, not even yourself.

    remember the 80/20 rule.

  4. That is true,Nobody is perfect, you just have to find that one who is perfect for you. You will never get everything you want, but the things you do need, don't compromise on them. Everyone should have 5 things they will not do without. Everything else you just learn how to compromise.